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Fill an existing capability or experience gap to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the business
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Obtain experienced external perspective to compliment internal resources

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  • Operations

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  • Marketing

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  • Sales & Business Development

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  • Strategy & Planning

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  • Technology & Software

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  • CEO/President

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What users have to say

Cam Di Prata
"Kahuso matched us to a part-time C-level executive that was perfect fit for one of our portfolio companies."
Cam Di Prata
Founder & Managing Partner, Gibraltar
Jacquie Chapman
"A seamless, slick user experience! A much needed service, great business idea."
Jacquie Chapman
Kahuso Member/Freelance Executive
Devon Wright
"Kahuso connected us to the right advisor, at the right time - very easy and effective platform."
Devon Wright
CEO, Turnstyle Solutions
Bob Leonidas
"A great resource for companies and executives"
Bob Leonidas
Kahuso Member/Former President & CEO, Nestle

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"...for highly skilled professionals, consultants, knowledge workers and accomplished executives -- the gig economy offers the opportunity for an unprecedented level of career control and satisfaction."
"Remote and flexible work arrangements are now commonplace, and so are the tools that make them possible. Sophisticated platforms like ... and Kahuso, not to mention the proliferation of coworking spaces, can help make a gig-based career convenient and productive."
"...the rise of interim executive work is a win-win, not only for executives looking for a lifestyle change but also for small and mid-sized companies that don't need full-time support - and couldn't afford it even if they wanted to."

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