How It Works

3 Simple Steps

Tell us a bit
about you

We want to match you to great executive candidates. To make that happen, we need you to complete a short company profile and describe what you are looking for. While it takes a bit of time (usually 30-60 minutes), we can assure it's worth it. You do this, we do the rest!

Let Kahuso work
its magic

Once you are happy with your posting, we go to work for you. We automatically generate matches that make sense to you. We filter out all of the noise and ensure we only recommend quality connections, saving you a ton of time and frustration.

Connect and work
out the details

Once we confirm there is mutual interest in a connection, we open up a messaging link between you and the candidate right from within your dashboard. You decide what the best next steps are. The dashboard lets you track all of your activity related to the candidates you are interested in and connected to so nothing slips through the cracks.